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surftrips southwest

surftrips southwest

Экскурсия "surftrips southwest"


Surf trips Southwest Portugal / Algarve — Odeceixe


It is in the quiet village of Odeceixe in southwest Portugal, that the participants of surf trips, will rest and enjoy themselves.

 It is a place of simple people, warm and friendly, which makes visitors feel at home.

 In this family, we spend hours of relaxation and fun before and after workouts.

 In Residential Park, with Claudio as host, this storyteller, with a life full of adventures,

 the fun is guaranteed.

The rooms are double rooms with two beds and bathroom — some with balcony.

 Spacious, equipped with TV, wifi and fridge (see photos).

The place is quiet and full of harmony.

 The breakfast consists of a buffet: scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, juice and toast… This provides long meals with conversation and music to brighten the start of the day.

 Your first meal will be taken in a relaxed atmosphere of total enjoyment.

 In this small village, rich gastronomy, fresh fish meals are a highlight: grilled typical

 fish and fresh seafood.....

 For all this, the surf trips and training is not only the beach but it is also fun, knowledge discovery and adventure.

The differentiation of this service involves the discovery of the coast, with a distance of

 more than 100 KM, try to find the best spot to train and spend the day.

 From Southend, to Sagres, we can find spots of excellence as Arrifana, Odeceixe, Carrapateira, Amado, Beliche.

 However, if conditions permit, the discovery of new places is always an adventure and

 an argument to find places with a deep natural beauty.

 Come out and have fun in the surf trips Southwest-Algarve, and find a Guide, Coach

 and Surf Instructor, with expertise in the area for 13 years.




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